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Classic Car Appraisals

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Classic Car Appraisals In Cincinnati & Dayton OH

Certified Appraisal Services

Insurance Documentation


Many insurance carriers will require a professional, industry accepted appraisal before accurately scheduling the value of your vehicle on your policy. Our appraisal reports are instrumental in not only establishing value of your vehicle, but also protecting you in the event of future loss, when negotiating value with either your insurance company, or a 3rd party insurance company. Even if you carry Agreed Value coverage or Stated Value coverage, you still need to have a professional appraisal performed.


Our appraisal reports don’t simply state the value of the vehicle.  They also include specific information about your vehicle and its value relevant characteristics. Having our independent documentation is extremely valuable if you find yourself defending your investment.  


Pre-Purchase or Sale of Vehicle


Looking to purchase a collector car and need boots on the ground? Jerry Jenkins will put your best interest first! The value of custom and classic cars is ever changing and can vary by the slightest details of the vehicle. If you are interested in purchasing a collector car, Jerry can be your eyes and ears when negotiations are in progress. Get independent documentation to validate the condition of the vehicle, determine the current market value and assist in negotiating the purchase price.  If you're looking to sell a collector vehicle, you can rely on our research backed, appraisal valuations to insure they are not leaving money on the table. Your report package, which includes details on condition and value, along with photo documentation serves as a great marketing tool .   

Loan Requirements


Need an appraisal for lending purposes? We can provide your lender a USPAP compliant appraisal report to establish the value of your vehicle. Most lenders will want to know the "orderly disposition value" of the vehicle. Meaning, they want to know what they could realistically liquidate that asset for, if ever needed. Call Jerry to discuss details of your appraisal needs.


Litigation / Tax Purposes


Use our USPAP compliant appraisal reports in court or litigation, when there is a disagreement on value of your vehicle.   We work with clients who’s assets are being evaluated as part of estate distribution, probate or divorce.  We will accurately document the value of your vehicle, to insure fair property distribution for estate settlement or Federal tax filing purposes.


Diminished Value


If your Classic or Custom vehicle has been in an accident that is not your fault, you need a trusted, professional, and compliant vehicle appraisal. Insurance adjusters always have the insurance companies financial interest as first priority, and generally are not experts in assessing value on vehicles with custom or classic roots.   


Our clients rely on our professionals to provide the documentation of value pre-loss; as well as the loss in value post-repair, to insure they are properly compensated in the event of loss.



Appraisal Wise works both directly with clients involved in bankruptcy, as well as their attorneys.   We do not use computer generated, generic appraisal methods.  Each vehicle is appraised using the specific condition and characteristics to determine value.

Your custom appraisal package will include:

Full report on your vehicles condition (interior and exterior)

Include extensive market research of comparable listings and latest aggregated sales data

Documentation all additional details regarding the vehicles customization, provenance and value

Full gallery of professional photos of your vehicle in both print and digital format for your future use

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