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What Our Clients Say.


I made $10,000 after Jerry’s appraisal. Jerry did a very detailed report on my total loss Jeep Wrangler. It was completed quickly with a fair value. His report was the only reason I was able to settle with the insurance for $10,000 more than they was originally willing to give me. Money well spent for his services. Highly recommend.

Scott Shumaker / Clarksville, OH

Mr. Jenkins is very professional and knows his job. He helped me to get what I deserved for my property damage. Excellent service

Jorge Alemany Morell

Louisville, KY - January 2020

Jerry is great to work with! After our first call, I was impressed with him and how knowledgeable he was about the current market of cars. I felt confident that he would do a good job appraising my totaled Honda S2000. He personally evaluated my car, was responsive throughout the entire process, and because of him, I received few thousand dollars more than what my insurance was going for. I will certainly come back to Jerry if I am ever in this situation again.

Fred Estera

Cincinnati, OH - August 2019

Jerry was incredibly helpful and professional. He walked me through the process step by step and had the integrity and ethic to tell me that his services were not necessary based on the info provided. 
It's so nice to know there are still ethical and professional people out there.
Thank you Jerry!

Steve Cooney

Cincinnati, OH - September 2019

Money well spent. Jerry is a professional. The diminished value report he drafted was thorough and enough to increase the diminished value payout by over $1500.00. I would not hesitate for a minute to use his services again.

David Hritz

Dayton, OH July 2019

My 2018 Sti got t boned. The responsible insurance company has a reputation for pretty much laughing at dv claims. Jerry did an appraisal for dv purposes and I was blown away at the thoroughness of the report. The insurance company sent their own appraisal guy out. Long story short, Jerry’s number was $4500 and the insurance company offered to settle for $3900 which I accepted. Highly recommend Jerry.

Kelly Martin

Louisville, KY



Thank you for standing by our side in court. Your expertise and professionalism were evident in your testimony which led to our positive outcome.


Best Wishes 

Randy & Darlene Turnbow

Middletown, OH

Jerry at Appraisal Wise went UP & ABOVE my expectations when I hired him for his services. His knowledge and experience with Insurance companies kept my case out of court. Had to file a court claim but as predicted they settled out before hand. Thanks For your help again Jerry.

Jason Baker

Lebanon, OH

Not often are you put in a position to need a car appraisal but if you are Jerry is the ONLY person you should call. Having your car totaled is stressful enough, you don't know what to do or where to turn. Do yourself a favor and call Jerry. He will take care of doing the appraisal and handling all negotiations. You need someone like him in your corner. Remember, your insurance company, even though you are paying them premiums, is trying to payout as little as possible. Jerry was able to increase what my insurance company was originally willing to pay by approximately 25%. He was easy to work with, always kept me updated and got things settled in a timely manner

Trish McCormick

West Chester, OH

Having a car totaled is hard enough. Having to fight with your own insurance company is a demoralizing experience. Enter Jerry and Appraisal Wise - one of the highest returns on an investment I've made. I choose to go with a local small business as I was hoping for a more personal level of service and Jerry did not disappoint. He is prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. Jerry clearly explained the process, costs, and likely outcome. My outcome was as we discussed; however, we had to deal with a obstinate insurance company bureaucracy along the way. Doing this on your own is a frustrating waste of personal time. Do yourself a favor, act like a business, and hire your own expert - Jerry. He went above and beyond to finally get my insurance to negotiate, going so far as to offer to support any legal action I might want to take. Fortunately, it didn't come to that and we were able to arrive at a fair settlement. My recommendation is to deal with your busy life and let Jerry deal with insurance and appraisal issues. It's well worth the cost.

Eran Moscana

Cincinnati, OH

I highly recommend Appraisal Wise. The owner- Jerry is very knowledgeable, prompt with delivery and reliable. He was very instrumental through out the entire process and I learned from him a lot as I was handling my own case without any attorneys involvement. I found several companies that I could have obtained my Diminished Value report, but I am glad I have chosen Jerry. He was ready to be my subject matter expert at court and be at my side which speaks volume to me. The diminished value report can be obtained from other online sources but none will testify at court. Once again I can not express my appreciation to Jerry for being on my side through out the entire process. THANK YOU!!!

Susanna Khachatryn

Cincinnati, OH

Not only did Mr Jenkins do an outstanding job but did it in the time frame that we needed. There is NO one else I would go to other than him. I highly recommend his work.

Shirley Bingham

Louisville, KY

Jerry was prompt, thorough, & knowledgeable. Helped me quickly get my diminished value claim estimated and evaluated. Would highly recommend him!

Julie Brown

Loveland, OH

Very reassuring and told me what to expect. Good service, Great advice. Comfortable transaction, Rock on!


Russ Pope

Highland Heights, KY

Jerry - owner is extremely knowledgeable and uses a data driven approach to appraisals. He is very customer service focused and appreciates the bigger picture of the situation and goal. I highly recommend him for any of your appraisal needs.


Scott Paschke

Mason, OH

Thank you Jerry Jenkins!

In a day and time where customer service is forgotten, Jerry is a breath of fresh air. After speaking with Jerry one time on the phone, the appraisal report and pre-purchase inspection was promptly and professionally performed.  The product Jerry delivered was customized for the car and my needs. The seller of the car also enjoyed the time spent with Jerry on the inspection. Jerry has a long family history in this business and has an in-depth knowledge of classic cars.

Thanks again Jerry. It was a pleasure!!

Michael Ricketson

Livingston, TX

Jerry, Finest work I've seen in a long time!

Michael Rice

Cincinnati, OH

 My work with Appraisal Wise aimed to secure compensation for diminished value suffered on a company vehicle as a result of a motor vehicle accident. As company owner, I had spent over a year's worth of valuable time, energy and resources trying to get back what was rightly owed me, through no fault of my own. After countless dead-end discussions with insurance agencies and lawyers, and with few options left, I was thrilled to find Jerry, an experienced appraiser and expert in the field of diminished value. After consulting with Jerry only a few times, he provided me with an extensive, first-class diminished value report for my vehicle along with a cover letter to submit to the other party's insurance company. I could not have been happier to receive a check for the diminished value of my vehicle on the first try and without question or pause from the insurance agent. This result was beyond my expectations not only in terms of the amount that I was reimbursed, but also the speed with which Jerry helped me secure this reimbursement. What I appreciated most about working with Jerry was his thoroughness, professionalism and absolute expertise in appraisal work and in preparing the diminished value report, which ultimately allowed me to cut through the predictable politics of dealing with insurance agencies and potential future court proceedings. Within days of reviewing Jerry's report, the at-fault party's insurance agency was eager to settle out of court for 93% of the requested compensation amount.  Jerry's work on my case delivered the expected results and then some. 

Joseph Skalski, Owner Cincy

Cincinnati, OH

 Jerry Jenkins with AppraisalWise was very instrumental in helping me settle my total loss claim with my insurance company for my 2009 BMW 335xi.  From the time I first spoke with Jerry on the phone, I could tell that he understood the battle that I was up against with my insurance company and I was confident that he would do everything in his power to help me.  I battled my insurance company on my own for over a month.  After receiving two grossly inaccurate valuation reports for my car from the insurance company, I knew I needed the help of a professional, experienced appraiser if I was going to get anything close to what my car was worth.  During our in-person meeting at the body shop where my car was located, after he inspected my car he assured me that the scope of his services went beyond just preparing an appraisal report.   He informed me that he would defend his appraisal report and negotiate with the insurance company’s appraiser. He also let me know that he would be willing to provide an expert testimony in court as to the value of my car, if necessary. Jerry prepared a very thorough appraisal report that was fair and accurate. The insurance adjuster even admitted how professional his report was and, with no further questions, agreed to settle for the exact dollar amount that Jerry appraised my car for, which was $8,000 more than the initial settlement amount that the insurance company offered me.  Not only did Jerry’s appraisal help me get the fair market value for my car, his appraisal also helped me get additional money for the Dinan performance upgrade equipment that increased the value of my car. I truly appreciate all of Jerry’s help though this process. 

Dominique Ellison

Cincinnati, OH

Jerry, We appreciate your time and work on this. Not only are you friendly but also you are professional and efficient. All of these things are greatly missed in most transactions I have had lately, so your character is duly noted and the way to build a promising reputation and success. Being a good person does pay off. We will certainly refer you to others and utilize your skills as needed in the future.

Erica Newman

Mt. Sterling, OH

How fortunate I was to find Jerry Jenkins to appraise my 1972 VW Beetle.  I needed an appraisal for insurance purposes and not only was his cost very reasonable; I could tell right away he was an appraiser who was very professional and experienced.   He was very thorough and his services included sending me not only a PDF file on the computer but written copies of the appraisal and a CD. Jerry was very friendly, easy to talk to and I felt he appreciated my passion for my car.  He was interested not only in the mechanics of the car but in its history as well. I would definitely recommend Jerry to anyone who’s in need of an appraisal

– he’s simply one of the best!

Ginny Geary-Laskovics

Cincinnati, OH

I was very pleased with the service I received from Appraisal Wise. The appraisals performed on my classic cars were detailed and thorough. My appraiser was professional, prompt and courteous. I will recommend Appraisal Wise to others

Jay Bauer

West Chester, OH

Hey Jerry, I finally got a chance to read through the whole report and just wanted you to know that you did a wonderful job and I very much appreciate your report being thorough and detail oriented.

Thank you!

Richard Starkey

Dayton, OH

Jerry, I really appreciate all the help you gave me! Now I can at least afford to start buying the parts to get my old goat back on the road again.


Zach Hursell

Hamilton, OH

Jerry, I am very impressed with all the details and how in-depth you went with the report. Excellence work!

Cary Fech

Loveland, OH

Jerry,  I personally THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You've done your job over and over again.

Barry Parrish

Glendale, OH

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