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Total Loss Appriasal Services

Price: $250.00

Total Loss Appraisals

We will work with your insurance company or a third party to get access to your damaged vehicle for inspection purposes

Price $350

Payment can be made online once your appraisal has been completed

Accepted forms of payment:

Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Amex

Jerry Jenkins will provide hands on personalized service to help you negotiate with the insurance company.


Has your vehicle been declared a Total Loss? Don’t agree with they’re valuations of your vehicle before it was damaged?


We can quickly evaluate your vehicle to see if we have a different opinion of value than your insurance company. If we determine a different opinion, then we can begin the appraisal process. 


We do not use calculators and complicated formulas that are used by big insurance companies.  No one should, a real human being should decide the actual cash value of your vehicle.  Complex valuations methods on bodywork and framework are designed by big insurance companies to give them cushion areas to ensure that they meet they’re lost ratio goals. 


If you are disputing the fair market value, you are entitled to your own independent appraisal to establish your vehicles actual cash value.  If you have suffered a total loss to your vehicle and are negotiating with your insurance company on the value of your vehicle, you need a USPAP compliant appraisal. 


Jerry Jenkins  will provide you with the report you need to reach a fair settlement of value on your vehicle. 



Having a car totaled is hard enough. Having to fight with your own insurance company is a demoralizing experience. Enter Jerry and Appraisal Wise - one of the highest returns on an investment I've made. I choose to go with a local small business as I was hoping for a more personal level of service and Jerry did not disappoint. He is prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. Jerry clearly explained the process, costs, and likely outcome. My outcome was as we discussed; however, we had to deal with a obstinate insurance company bureaucracy along the way. Doing this on your own is a frustrating waste of personal time. Do yourself a favor, act like a business, and hire your own expert - Jerry. He went above and beyond to finally get my insurance to negotiate, going so far as to offer to support any legal action I might want to take. Fortunately, it didn't come to that and we were able to arrive at a fair settlement. My recommendation is to deal with your busy life and let Jerry deal with insurance and appraisal issues. It's well worth the cost.

Eran Moscona, Cincinnati, OH

Serving The Cincinnati & Dayton Metro Areas

Free consultation by phone or email!

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